Friday, January 15, 2010

Pre-Fall Round Up

In an alternate universe, I am in Paris.
I take the steps down from the Sacre-Coure two at a time,
the leopard print jumpsuit is weighed heavy with chains and necklaces.
I pull my fur close, breathing heavy, I flit through the city.
Heels high and lips cranberry.
A proper Lanvin girl,
kissing cheeks,
manifesting dreams,
and in love.
Alber! Alber! This is by far my favorite of the pre-fall collections.
I can’t wait to see what dream you concoct for me next.

a Givenchy collection sans studs, veils, and tribal princesses is a surprise,
but relief!
Wool and whites,
thigh highs and feathered skirts.
So perfect for bitter cold days,
that are blessed with bright sunshine.

and fur.
+ a parka.
A collection that manages to combine luxe with sportsmax
is ACE in my eyes.

Blair Waldorf + The Emo Clan of St. Trinians  = Perfection.
I can’t imagine the prep school superstar stylings falling from grace any time soon.
The PS boys have spun round quick fast from their digital surf mania,
and have delivered what looks like a collegiate cutie with a bit of a bite.
(sans cheesy lolita)
I love the contrast of leather and tweed,
a combination that I have been obsessed with as of late.
The boots: New must have shoe? Most likely to be copied? Certainly!

On to the next one:

The honorable mentions go out to.

  1. Preen: For consistently creating timeless pieces. I LUST after this particular jumpsuit. I mean it’s perfect for EVERYTHING.

  2. Balenciaga: The rest of the collection was a bit meh, but I do enjoy the print here. I also really enjoyed the tights featured in the rest of the collection. Can’t wait to see which ones F21 knocks off.

  3. Temperley London: (sorry about the spelling error below!) Sheer + Lace + Ruffles = KIWI.


  1. Louis Vuitton:
    My darling Marc,
    I think you are a genius.
    A fun and fit designer, with great talent and a great tan.
    But what pray tell,
    are the fuzzy things eating the poor model’s hands?
    No. Just no.
    And how very Balenciaga Pre-Fall 09 of you.

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