Thursday, February 18, 2010

Marc Jacobs A/W 2010

I have always been a huge fan of brash print, over the top confections ,pomp and fluff. Maybe it’s age or perhaps the wicked case of H1N1 currently ripping my immune system to shreds, but as of right now, I crave nothing by serenity. Thankfully Marc Jacobs manages to deliver exactly what I ordered. Bless him!
The neutral palette suggestion was immediate as soon as the lights went up at Lexington Armory. Like the thousands along with me, I managed to capture the magic live online and was instantaneously pleased. Juliette Greco’s raspy rendition of ‘Over the Rainbow’ slowly drew me in, at first startled by the lack of nu-neon of collections past, but contented to see that Marc ventured back in time to his signature best. Simplicity.
One by one, and fifty-six strong, the dowdy chic mannequins weaved through the rows in tweeds, gorgeous little awkward pussy bow blouses and ankle length skirts paired with ill-fitting isle sweaters. I loved the use of the gray, beige, nude and black, which are neutrals that I find hard to mix and match myself. Here Marc played with colors and proportions so beautifully, case in point the shearling collared coats and the 50’s inspired knee length skirts. My favorites included the divinely nerdy sequin cardigan, the wide-legged three-piece suit and butter yellow hued lingerie dress that sang sweetly to me.
I haven’t been moved by Marc’s work in sometime, so I am so super pleased! I welcome this tranquil movement, with arms wide open, seeking beauty in the familiar and safe.

top fave.

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