Monday, March 22, 2010

Backyard Bill

I have been a wee bit bored of the “street style” blogs lately.  Most seem to apply the same stand and stare formula featuring cool fashion followers, editors, hipsters etc. There are of course a few exceptions to the rule and Tommy Ton of Jak & Jil is an obvious choice.  You can feel his passion through his work, and quite frankly he truly is the sweetest person in the world.

As an admirer of the sleek and chic, Tommy has his appeal. But you see I crave something more.
Something genuine, personal and a little voyeuristic perhaps?
It is here I introduce to you the darling Bill Gentle of Backyard Bill.
My not so new favorite style blogger whose talent in capturing his subjects in such intimate portraiture is near perfect. Perhaps it’s the nature, the Q&A’s or the brutish handsomeness of his male choices that I find so darn appealing.  But there is something here that is truly unique and I am so happy to have it present in the ever torrid sea of style photography.

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