Friday, March 12, 2010

Louise Gray S/S 2010

As the weather slowly climbs out of the miserable icey lows, I find my self dreaming of spring. To shed the layers of deep black, and these over zealous furs, for punchy punk patterns, baubles, bows and neon batik prints.

I dream of Louise Gray,
the Scottish up-and-coming wunderkind has revved up her shift dresses of seasons past, and has created a collection that is eclectic, clear and incredibly fun. Oh No Babe- is a collection celebrating her love of rebellion and pop-art.  Here the title words are scratched in to coat linings and bustiers, and homage to Gray’s graffiti heroes of the eighties. The little pouf skirts are twisted and tucked, creating off-kilter silhouettes, high-waisted trousers with burn-out fabric to expose bright contrast linings and as expected Gray’s signature shift dresses with peek-boo cut outs, giant tulle bows, and multi-layered patterns.
My absolute favorite, the acid blue batik print jumpsuit that has my name scribbled all over it with such manic zeal. I NEED IT! For a young woman that generally shies away from all things neon (more recently anyway), this is one piece that leads my summer time fantasy.

So until then I will go back to dreaming now, padding about the apartment in grey wool socks and heaps of warm jersey.
Humming to Sade,
waiting for the warmth of the sun to kiss my skin.

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