Friday, April 16, 2010

Ado Les Scents: From Amsterdam with love.

I love me a well dressed Man-Boy.
Perhaps it’s the combination of waning youth
and a deepening sense of maturity.
Passion and patience
such a sexy combination.
And perhaps this is why I like my Man-Boys
dressed in Ado Les Scents.

‘Ado Les Scents in the Rain’ is Korean-born, Amstedamn-based designer Hyun Yeu’s, sophomore collection. Fresh, young, clean and yet there is an air of elegance. Casual and so very European.
The campaign images and video shot by Joost Vandeberg manages to capture Yue’s sense of vulnerability perfectly. Darling Dutch boys and lilac powders. I’m going to take a moment and collect myself thoughts.

Anyhoo FAB news! Hyun Yue will be presenting his collection this month at [FAT] as part of Toronto’s alternative art and fashion week. Along with some of the cities greatest contemporary designers, artists and musicians. It’s bound to be a fantastic time had by all.
So come out and celebrate all that is truly insightful and unique.

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