Thursday, April 8, 2010

nouvelle vague: spring dreaming

I’ve been listening to dreamy pop music non stop for the last few days. I blame the gorgeous gray weather,
I am left floating on the edge of fantasy and reality
waiting for spring sun with bated breath.

It’s been a wonderful past few weeks,
and I am going to keep the dream a live by creating my own little wish lists.
I figure if I put the thought out there,
perhaps the universe will allow it to manifest? I think so. I KNOW so.

Wish list one: Denim Daze

  1. Petit Bateau -  Marinier Sweater

  2. ASOS -Kuyichi Denim Playsuit

  3. Keds -  Champion White Classics

  4. Chanel - Nail Color in Nouvelle Vague (but of course)

  5. *Milan Kundera‘The Unbearable Lightness of Being’

  6. Eryn Brinie – Marina Chambray Jacket

  7. Urban Outfitters – Madison Wedge

  8. Proenza Schouler – PS 1 satchel

what do you covet?

* mind you I already own this book, I would just DIE for this particular cover and any information one would have on it.

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