Sunday, October 17, 2010

a penny for my thoughts

what i hate.

stale cigarette smoke. broken skin. Aqua velva. Satin. unnatural expression. forced fancy. teeth clicking. forced tongues. sloppy seconds. stained sheets. messy mess. fussy fan fares. quick-POW. the word mingling. stench of fear. the taste of latex. thin wrists. weak will. imitation. jack rabbiting. mindless fucking. shame.

what i love.

vanilla. ripe lips. small of back. scars that bind. hearts with cracks. taste of salt on skin. bitten ears. jersey sheets. long fingers. tugging my hair. strong chest. pillow fights. skin to skin. champagne kisses. lace around wrists. duvet mountains. spilled ink. love letters. michelangelo’s love line. arched back. shivers worth keeping.  kill me with kindness.
wine, then bed
then more
then again.

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