Thursday, March 31, 2011

Jet Korine & the perfect coat?

I abhor the title above, but moving on.
Between my siblings and I the total amount of outwear that currently jams our hall closet is astounding. We’ve managed to nearly cover every type of casing to ensure warmth against these mental temperatures. But despite this solid collection, I am still on the hunt for the ever so perfect blanket coat. And my goodness I think I have found it!

Icelandic designer Jet Korine‘s Life Coat collection is made up of organic materials and designed to be worn in a variety of way s- coat, wrap, blanket and hooded cape – which appeals to my need for pieces with the potential of increased longevity. The soft color palettes and print play I find the most appealing. There is an almost nostalgic quality about these pieces that seem to increase my want for them. Korine’s web-shop goes live this summer, and if you like what you see well then Kiwi Says Cop This!

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