Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Whoops: it’s been a while

but I’m back!

Spent most of my trip to Orlando chasing two sweet baby boys (my nephews) and trying not to tackle any and all Disney characters that milled about. Don’t get me wrong, my first Disneyland experience was incredibly fun. Especially watching the oldest of the two boys, Lee, reaching for everything with such fascination. It’s amazing, watching such a little person. He was so incredibly wide eyed, I am almost desperate for that feeling.

As much fun as it was, as soon as the boys and their parents went to bed I was left to my own devices. And I really do not think there is any place lonelier than the magical and wonderful world of Disney.  I suppose this feeling was compounded x1000 while reading Nick Hornby’s latest ode ‘Juliet, Naked’. And one line in particular struck a cord so mightily I threw up, literally.
It was an illness, loneliness-it made you weak,gullible, feebleminded. She’d never have stood for an hour outside the Dickens Museum like that if she hadn’t just been coming down with it.

A sickness! A bad cold I’ve been trying to shake
that bouts of parties, wine and insomnia either aid or abate.
But this time,
this time I am determined to kick it in the ass.
I’ll raise Walt his cheer and multiply it by a million.


dress: Charlotte Ronson x Target
shoes: Beaten chucks
book: Loan from the lovely bestie, Metzti.

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