Thursday, April 7, 2011

Meadham Dreaming

Designer x Highstreet retail collaborations is not much of a surprise to any one these days. It’s almost expected and appreciated by those who covet luxury pieces but can’t afford the steep prices. As a sales advisor at H&M I would sit back and watch the madness unfold around me. I’d dealt with Matthew Williamson and Comme Des Garcons but both were tame in comparison to the Cavalli and Jimmy Choo madness, and I’ve got battle scars to prove it. While these were all designers I admire, I was of course most excited about the Lanvin launch, and as I no longer worked for the company, I called upon a few friends to squat outside the store on Bloor street. Thank god for my obscene fur coat. It was a fucking cold wait! Was it worth it? I only bought the t-shirt. The experience of being drunk out on the street with friends made the event a real spectacle. Having to drag my ass to work straight after was torture. For eight hours I wanted to die and no amount of redbull was helping the situation.

As designer collaborations go I am most excited about what Topshop has to offer. And now that The Hudson Bay Company plans to house and roll out the mega-retailer across our fair nation this fall, I’m really hoping a selection of their quirkier collections make my greedy palms. I admire the eccentricity and true bonkers intellect that British designers all seem to harbour. Take the lastest S/S Meadham Kirchhoff for Topshop collection. I am absolutely in love! Their mastery in creating decaying beauty is unlike any other. Then there is Ashish and his fun foodie sportswear. The guy is totally mental, but fuck I want a sweatshirt with a fry-up on it! And finally Mary Katrantzou‘s kaleidoscopic capsule collection featuring her signature prints marbled on sweet summer dresses.

With big buys, come big bucks. I am really hoping The Bay takes this oppurtunity to showcase Topshop’s designer collabos and bring a whole lot of fun and lunacy to my city and mainly my closet. Plus I am so fucking tired of paying for shipping!

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