Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I’ve been restless as of late. Since I’ve come back from my short little trip, I been finding it more and more difficult to sit still. To listen to my mind. I’ve been overcome with inspiration and thought.  So I’ve decided to strip my cork board of past muses and start fresh again. I feel Mother Nature thought of the same thing. Thunderstorms crack over the city, washing our sins clean and sweet fresh winds whip through my apartment.

I am cooking more and more.
My favourite so far? Salmon stir fry with a side of spinach tortellini and greens.
I sent this photo to my the Mothership, mainly to prove that she hadn’t wasted all her culinary coaching after all.


While cleaning/re-organizing my room I’ve managed to find a pile of dust covered disposable cameras all waiting to be developed!
I can’t even begin to imagine the images they may hold, and I am hoping they haven’t expired to terribly. I’m especially intrigued to see what the LOL cam carries and if any of the fun comic details turned out.

I always marvel at the amount of colour that saturates my wardrobe in the summer time. So bright and print obsessed, the complete opposite of my usually more muted/goth/grungy winter palette. I have promised my self that this year I will continue on the color parade right through the bleakest of our city’s winter months. A little leopard madness is exactly what I need to beat the moody blues.

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