Sunday, October 9, 2011

Hiroshima’s Kamikaze.

Imagine bidding for a vintage camera online and unearthing photographic gems from pre-war 1940′s Japan.
That is exactly what happened to budding photographer Lebedeff, a collecter of of vintage film cameras who also happens to acquire forgotten film left in these little time capsules. What luck!
“This package was sent from Hiroshima. The seller, whom I asked, had no idea what this film is and whom it represents. It belonged probably to a previous owner of the house they bought, they found it among the belongings left there. The details point to the first half of the 1940’s, the time of the war. The number 3 written on the paper is maybe 1943. The central figure of these photos is this young man who apparently came home to visit his relatives and to relax a bit. Here he is, in a kamikaze pilot suit and with a sword in the hand.”


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