Friday, March 8, 2013

why are tax refunds taking so long

Why is the irs taking so long? | irs tax discussion, I filed my taxes with h&r block january 23rd and i go on ent to see when i’m receiving my refund and it tells me sorry we have no information about your taxes.i was.
Why is the irs taking so long with refunds? | w3digger answers, Ok so my was accepted the 18th or the 19th. ok? and my return has been processing since then. i go to wmr and the tell me it being processed and i should receive it.
Why is my irs refund taking so long for my tax return? i filed on, I filed on february 1st through h&r block and was told i would receive my refund on february 15th. i still haven’t received it and this morning on “wheres my.

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Why is the ny state tax return taking so long? - general questions, Why is the ny state tax return taking so long? i have waited 6 weeks know and still have not got any word on my state refund status i check the website and all it.
Why is the irs taking so long to process my refund? its been 10, 4 to 6 weeks to get my refund. my tax return was accepted on january 25th 2013 and the irs where`s my refund site just keeps saying my refund is being processed and a.
Why are my md state tax refund taking so long? - yahoo! answers, Best answer: may be you can get some correct information by using the below enclosed website for this purpose. you can check the status of your current.

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