Friday, April 5, 2013

average family expenses for 2013

How does the average family budget compare to yours? | my family, We are obsessed with being more than average. so, if you want to avoid the average family budget, it helps to know what it is..
Family travel forum: average family vacation budget? - tripadvisor, I'm curious what other people spend on an annual family vacation. of course the amount will vary greatly by family, but i'm interested in what different.
Ask the readers: what is an average clothing budget per person, Today’s question is from stephanie: i am curious what an “average” clothing budget might be per person. is there a figure of how much one should allot for.

Our family budget, Family budget tips tips for living within my means. the key to any family budget is to not spend more than i make. here are some money saving tips, hints and ideas.
Average family spending on christmas gifts 2012 | my family finances, If you want to keep your family budget underneath that average family spending for christmas gifts, you are better off planning early..
Daily kos: you want to compare the u.s. budget to a family budget, In my facebook feed the other morning, i saw someone sharing one of these notions that seems like basic common sense, until you start thinking about it and realize.

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