Saturday, June 1, 2013

gun legislation passed by 2013 texas

Texas house passes 12 firearms bills on 'gun day', A batch of pro-gun legislation would make texas even more of a on may 4, 2013 in houston, texas. campus carry bill passed by the house on.
Bills passed by the house (2013) | texas firearms freedom, Update 5/24/13: the deadline has passed for the senate to hear bills; bills that have been heard are in various stages such as conference committee, waiting for the.
Texas house approves 12 bills to ease gun laws « cbs dallas, The texas house approved a batch of bills saturday to further soften gun laws that carry a gun in texas. the gun laws softened also passed. (©2013.

Open carry’ bill latest proposal to expand gun laws in Texas | Texas

Nra-ila | texas senate passes two pro-gun measures and expected to, This week, the texas senate passed two nra-backed measures: senate bill 299 by state senator craig estes (r-wichita falls), which protects texas concealed handgun.
Gun bills that died (2013) | texas firearms freedom, Texas legislation passed in 2013; gun bills that died (2013) your right to bear arms. the second amendment; threats; educate yourself; connect on facebook; join the.
Passed senate today, Passed in texas senate today pro bill for students to keep firearms in cars moves to texas house with promise that campus carry won’t get jan 2013 location.

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