Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Katie Gallagher A/W 2010

Katie Gallagher seems to ooze enviable amounts of cool,
perhaps it’s her penchant for all things dark and delicate.
The New York based designer’s latest A/W 2010 offering is a gorgeous extension of her last collection. A venerable mash-up of futuristic Gothic-chic and post-apocalyptic urban warrior princess.
Of course I am not at all sure if this is the message Gallagher wants us to obtain.
But can’t you just see it? No? I can! Stomping about this cold city in black liquid latex, an inky body-con dress with peek-a-boo panels, wrapped and shrouded and a biased cut utility jacket thrown over it all.
Perfect to intimidate the weak and attract the other darlings of the night!
Gallagher’s technical prowess also manages to tempt me out of the dark side and over in to a softer colour palette of white, grey and peachy nudes. More fitting for Spring I would think, as opposed to what she currently has on offer.  The real catch of the collection- the eggshell white kimono biased cut coat with the perfect massive hood to hide behind.
Gallagher delivers fresh approach to what’s on offer during the NYC fashion circuit and for this alone I am eternally grateful.

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