Tuesday, March 2, 2010

stunna shades on

While combing through one of my favorite online style resources, Refinery29, I spotted a pair of vintage 90′s DKNY sunglasses that literally made my heart jump out of my chest.
Smaking on the keyboard like a retarded seal I manged to find out that my funtabulous sun blockers were at a freaking $90 starting bid.
I understand to some, this may not seem like a whole lot of pesos.
But I am a fickle and unemployed pleb,
there had to be another option!


These vintage beauties,
straight outta the fifties and only 18 bones INCLUDING TAX AND SHIPPING!
I’m going to be one fly Ray Charles lookin chicka this summer times.
WOOT WOOT Bitches.

And oh, if you would like to place a bid on the DKNY sunnies then click
here yar!

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