Monday, April 26, 2010

link round-ups : Deacon for Ungaro cha-CHING

A wee look at what’s been buzzing about my mind:

  1. So the new M.I.A. video for her brand new punk fueled single ‘Born Free” was released today and I AM FLOORED. Directed by Romain Gavras (of  Justice’s ‘Stress” video fame) is hideously honest and completely off the fucking chain!

  2. Like a proper nerd I’ve been reading up on Social Media Marketing for the last few months. The latest BizReport article confirms that adverts in social spaces (such as Facebook) are highly effective and can increase brand awareness by almost double!

  3. After much speculation it is official. Ungaro chucks Estrella Archs and attempts to revive their tarnished reps by wooing super cool London based designer Giles Deacon. As much as I love Deacon I was really hoping for and Erdem redemption.

  4. I am still a tad bit speculative when it comes to; but I do find my self gravitating towards the site more and more. This week architect-turned- menswear designer Siki Im introduces his fashion video ” A New Era” celebrating sartorialism, an American Psycho, beautiful decay and a sense of hope.

  5. And lastly, WTF is happening over at The GAP head quarters. The Fall 2010 shoe collection is surprisingly gorgeous. I shit you not! I would never lie! May be not faint inducing, but a fucking surprise none the less.

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