Thursday, May 20, 2010

Die Antwoord on the decks

The blistering heat has finally fisted the shit out of this city.  The streets are packed with a mix of annoyed Bay-Street Suits, hot girls in tiny denim shorts, cool boys on boards and of course the pungent aroma of rotting garbage.  Since I need to buckle down and focus on a few projects, I can’t spend the day outside working on my black-girl tan, bitter I slap my fingers across these keys while listening to the stabby sounds of Die Antwoord.

Die Antwoord, meaning ‘The Answer’ in Afrikaans, is the ‘rave – rap’ group  straight out of the heart of South Africa. A mangled mess of synth beats, sharp rhymes and so incredibly outrageous they border on the obscene. The trio are lead by the crazy MC Ninja, funky vocalist Yo-Landi Vi$er, with the bass heavy beats provided by DJ Hi-Tek.

The crew who claim to be straight up Zef – red-neck to the rest of us – lace their lyrics in English, Afrikaans and local street slang. In true ‘fuck you’ Po-Mo form the two videos released in support of their singles managed to create quite the internet buzz earlier this year, leaving major music camps split. Is Die Antwoord for real? Or this collective another hype-band courting youtube hits and blog rotations?

In spite of all the chatter, Interscope Records have decided to court the three-piece and their debut album titled $O$ will be out soon.

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