Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Alexander Wang Resort 2011

When it comes to the young Alexander Wang, I’ve always been flippant.
I mean yes, his cool and hip city girl chic is oft covetable by the pretty young things, but not really my cup of tea. But once I do chop through the irrelevant bits of fashion I do find some covetable pieces.

With the 2011 resort collection Wang attempts to step out of the “urban” niche and move on to – well – any thing else. “Suburban” is the word being tossed about amongst the fash-eds and PR peeps. Dark vegetable dyed hues in ox-blood and olive green are mixed with dazzling whites and what looks like slate grey patent pleather.  The soft-leather short is the obvious hit of the collection, the chunky knits are a welcome alternative to the sweatshirt and the sharply tailored blouses leaves one with a conservative yet sexy clothing option.

But HOLY BANANAS. What I would do, say or give for the black bathrobe trench! A gothic house coat for the out doors, with zipper detailing and crazy shoulder applets that hit the wrist. I MEAN COME ON!

Ps: WTF is going on with the footwear ( see arrow below). Is that a black patent Birkenstock?? If so why is it pair with wool socks?? Let’s just stop with the whole sandle and sock thing while we are ahead okay. More cutesy and less geriatric.

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