Thursday, June 3, 2010

Scribble and Bliss

I must thank my bestie – the musical historian- Metzti for my sudden maniacal fall in to rave-land.  It was she that informed me of the great Underworld‘s return to the of making massive music. I mean they are back! Bigger and better than ever! And I am so overwhelmingly overjoyed.

Creating bestial beats for over 30 years, these lads from the UK have been churning chunes for as along as I can remember. Classics that resonate so deep, they trigger memories and moments that suddenly come flashing forward.  For their latest single, Scribble, the duo have joined forces with Drum’n'Bass beasts High Contrast and to put it quite simply.


Pure euphoria
bottled precisely
just for me.

If the upcoming album (out later this year) is anything like this track,
then I think I might just die young
and fucked on pure bliss

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