Monday, February 28, 2011

Missoni F/W 2011

Like most fashion fans I do make it a point to follow the shows and events that take place twice a year internationally.
And I used to continually report on my favourite shows with such zeal. As of late I do find it harder and harder to babble on about which ever designer has my fancy.  Information is so easy to access now, anyone can take a peek at the shows and formulate their own opinion.

But if a show does happen to peak my interest for a more bizarre reason, then I will ramble!
For instance, let’s take Missoni‘s fall and winter offering.
I’m getting a total 90′s My Little Pony vibe and I am DIG IT MAYJAH.
Sherbet sweaters over pastel maxi skirts, slip dresses, so much velvet and of course a plethora of cotton candy colours. The whimsical printed detail on a few pieces continue to feed my lust for all things girly, while the plaid and tweed mix add a sprinkle of grunge. I mean really it’s a mash up of grade eight all over again!
Let’s just pretend the pageboy kangol-esque caps don’t exist okay?

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