Tuesday, March 8, 2011

13 Q’s with Kiwi: featuring Sarah Nicole Prickett

When I decided to relaunch this blog, I knew that I wanted it to be more than a medium to shamelessly feed my narcissism.  I wanted a to create a space in the massive world of the interwebs to really connect, reach out and perhaps create a platform where like minded individuals could come together and chat. Kinda like coming over to my house and drinking chai tea. So I came up with a little segment called 13 Q’s with Kiwi, where I ask a variety of creatives in the biz thirteen random questions and hope to gain a little insight on what makes them tick.

And to kick things off, it is my pleasure to introduce the always-lovely and wickedly well-dressed Sarah Nicole Prickett. She’s a fierce fashion and culture journalist (most notably over at Eye Weekly and FASHION) whose words are laced with much verve and bon mot. Whenever we play the catch up game, her passion for her craft is evident and she certainly does not present her opinion to please. If prodded, Prickett will spit fire and perhaps that is what I heart most about her. She’s a lover, a fighter, a melancholy princess and most importantly my friend.

  1. Tea or Coffee? Coffee (better yet, cappuccinos) in the a.m., tea in the p.m.

  2. Favourite City? Berlin. Or Venice, because I haven’t been, so it exists only in my childhood daydreams.

  3. Favourite scent? This is different than smell, right? I like the smell of laundry wafting from dehumidifiers, but the scent of lilacs in rain. Or vanilla.

  4. Love or Lust? Love, still.

  5. Your favourite living designer? Olivier Theyskens.

  6. What is your greatest extravagance? Magazines and taxicabs.

  7. What quality do you admire most in a man? Stamina.

  8. One quality you loathe most in humanity? Stupidity and disinterestedness. Wait, that was two. Now who’s stupid?!

  9. The natural talent you would like to be gifted with? Singing.

  10. When and where are you happiest? In the unexpected sunshine.

  11. Who are you greatest novel heroines? Emily of New Moon, Jane Eyre.

  12. Who is your biggest living girl crush? Sofia Coppola.

  13. Could you describe yourself in three words? Difficult, not hard.

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