Monday, March 7, 2011

this heart of a broken dreamer: a moment written

Step back!
I will bite,
leave teeth marks on your thighs.
Leave scars on your back.
Step back!
For if you say my love is dangerous
then you are right.

I will smash my lips against yours
scream out your name
slash and rip at you so hard
leaving your heart shredded barely threaded.
You are scared by my obsession, possession,
and momentary mental fragmentation of what is and what will be of us.
You must understand that I am a lover,
not a fighter,
I believe in unicorns and self-preservation.
I heart far too much, left to wither in the dust far too often.

It is because of you,
I am terrified to live, and lust again,
to spread my wings, to arch my back.
To hear the crack of my ribs
as they separate to allow your
thoughts and feelings in.
What if I was to love again?

Could my fragile heart bare the joy?
So long I’ve sat melancholy.
I forget what real happiness feels like, tastes of.
So terrified! But I wouldn’t/couldn’t have it any other way.
For terror is real.  Terror is human.
And what more can a girl ask for than to feel human?

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