Thursday, May 26, 2011

the gray hour

I’ve become accustomed to these permanent gray skies.
I’ve started to find methods to alleviate the  gloom that usually accompanies the clouds.

  • Going to pick up the camera again. I miss the shutter click.

  • Air – Moon Safari on loop.

  • Heading home to Dubai in two weeks. Mum says it’s 40 degrees out there. Humidity so thick, you can taste the salt in the air.

  • Bought little sister this Hudson Bay Sweater. So soft and classic, perfect for fickle weather such as this.

  • Coffee floats, my most favourite morning indulgence. A scoop of vanilla butterscotch ice cream in the darkest of brews.

  • Late afternoon naps with my kitty. Better than anything in the world right now.

  • Photography is Easy, Photography is Difficult‘ By Paul Graham. A great essay that I’ve been going back to over and over again.

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