Saturday, April 6, 2013

federal employees furlough updates

Some federal workers, including senior officials, would escape, In theory, the furloughs that would be triggered by sequestration would be applied equally among all federal workers, but some are more equal than others.among the.
Federal workers have a sad over furloughs., Federal workers have a sad over furloughs. unemployment has been around 8% (officially, it's higher) for 4 years. while private sector workers lost their jobs the.
The federal newsgroup: federal employee: is a furlough in your future?, News for the federal employee, federal retiree, military, and postal employee. find updates on cola's, pay, and benefits..

joined Fox News host Neil Cavuto to discuss his federal furlough

Federal workers brace for furloughs - yahoo! news, Federal workers brace for furloughs furlough plans vary widely at federal agencies as $85 billion in budget cuts begin by sam hananel, associated press |.
Federal workers getting official notice of that 20% furlough pay cut, Furlough notices have started to go out officially notifying federal workers and their unions of the furloughs it's been obvious were coming since it became clear.
Boston’s federal workers fear sequester furloughs | wbur, Boston — the sequester deadline is expected to pass friday without a deal from lawmakers. that will kick off across-the-board federal budget cuts. and across.

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