Friday, April 5, 2013

federal furloughs 2013 update

Federal furlough notices go out as sequestration takes effect, Washington -- federal employees began receiving furlough notices on friday, as the deep budget cuts known as sequestration went into effect. more than 1.
Federal workers have a sad over furloughs., Federal workers have a sad over furloughs. unemployment has been around 8% (officially, it's higher) for 4 years. while private sector workers lost their jobs the.
Federal workers getting official notice of that 20% furlough pay cut, Furlough notices have started to go out officially notifying federal workers and their unions of the furloughs it's been obvious were coming since it became clear.

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Federal law enforcement officers not exempt from budget-cut furloughs, This isn’t the first time the inability of congress to do its job has threatened the ability of federal employees to do theirs. but the government shutdown that was.
First furlough notices go out - mar. 5, 2013, Federal agencies are starting to send out furlough notices like this one to unions, kicking off the budget cuts. defense employees face up to 22 days off.
Obama administration prepares federal workers for possible furloughs, The obama administration is warning federal workers they might be placed on temporary unpaid leave if the across-the-board budget cuts known as.

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