Wednesday, September 26, 2012

clothing swaps & lady dates.

This past Saturday, my gorgeous best friend Preeti hosted a much needed lady date at her new apartment. The seven of us gathered and for a bit of a twist on our scarce afternoon group hang outs, we decided to put together a clothing swap. Hoping to switch the goods we no longer loved for some new gems. We hit the piles of clothing like ravenous vultures and once on the other end all seemed quite pleased with their hauls. And what little left behind was taken in to consignment or given to charity. The rest of the afternoon was then spent gossiping, eating delicious roast chicken Viet subs,drinking a magnum of Napa Valley goodness, watching a shit ton of terrible youtube videos, before closing our evening with a trip to The Common for much needed coffee and more talk. We hugged and kissed just before all the light, slipped to pink and dark skies. Promising to meet later that very night and perhaps hold each other up for just a little bit longer. Fast forward and it’s three a.m. My mind is left wandering and I can’t seem to get to sleep. Images of the day click through my conscious like a fat, plastic View-Master (remember those?), but then it all shifts and  I am left certain of one thing. Simply, I love those girls so very much. Truly. Madly. Deeply. And it is with that clarity and peace that I drift off to sleep.

The photo above is of my favourite score at the swap.
A cute headless Teddy, courtesy of Tiyana and if I remember correctly was bought on our first trip as a collective to NYC from Ina.
Super luxe and bang on trend with the printed knitwear (Givenchy, Balenciga, etc.) non?
Also please ignore my checked boys shorts. It’s been an messy Monday.