Wednesday, January 16, 2013


I like the idea of wearing a glamourous coat with comfortable shoes: evening dresses with flats. I like it when
there are two messages in one silhouette. I like it when it’s not first-degree sexy: when it’s not first-degree severe.
I like it when everything is mixed.
-Guillaume Henry, Creative Director of Carven

I’ve been swinging back and forth.
somewhere between a Mod and an angry librarian.
This leopard coat is my security blanket
and sadly I will have to retire it soon.

Leopard Jacket: Zara
Denim Shirt: Topman
Stripe Sweater, Peg Pants and Creepers: Topshop

The Carven pre-fall 2012 collection is everything that I have ever wanted to express through material means,
it’s a shame that I can’t seem to physically manifest it.