Friday, September 23, 2011

Metzti’s Mixtape: Session 1

A tribute to the 90′s when my love for electro beats was born.This playlist is pure me at seventeen, wishing I had a rave to go to.

I’d like to introduce my great friend and human shazam my bestie Metzti!
She’s a self-titled Music Historian and will be whipping up some wicked mixtapes for our auditory pleasure.
This week we take a trip down dance memory lane….

Click the image for the beats!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

London Fashion Week S/S12 Roundup

LFW is probably the only fashion week I really get excited about. That is not to say that New York, Paris and Milan aren’t major in the fashion meccas, I’ve just always looked forward to London’s madcap aesthetic style and fearless eccentricity that is completely inimitable. Mainly because London isn’t trying to imitate anything or any place else. I have noticed a slight change though, lines seem cleaner – see Antonio Berardi and Aquascutum- a shift towards the lean, clean and cool menswear tailoring that seems impossible to shake season after season? Writer and friend Sarah Nicole Prickett I believe puts it best, perhaps London has grown up?
 Christopher Kane took my breath away this season. I was expecting his usual menagerie of kooky looks, but this work was so painfully sharp and beautiful it did my head in. Acne‘s over sized and slouchy silhouettes and tangerine pistachio palette drew me in nice and quick. While I personally can’t pull off such OTT tent like pairings, I can certainly run away with a dress or seven. Erdem,although obvious, is always a winner for the super girly-girl in me. I’ve sworn countless times that it’ll be his work I rock on my wedding day! And as I have been a massive fan girl of J.W. Anderson and his work (remember when he had a jewelry line?) his “a schoolgirl raised by nuns, finally escaping the convent” concept was straight up my alley. And what of those loafer trainers? Lofainers? Toafers? An Aldo shoe collaboration that I pray goes in to production. I’ve got an insatiable appetite for ugly ass shoes! Then came the mentalists. An affectionate term for London’s true whimsical mercenaries! Scottish designer, Louis Gray kicks it all off with her most cohesive and wearable collection yet. Still incredibly true to her mis-matched punchy pairings, it looks like she’s stripped down on all the baubles and has really concentrated on the cut of the garments. Digital print wunderkind, Mary Katrantzou pumps up the colour voltage and brings back her love of what looks like melting plastic flowers. Then of course, there is Meadham Kirchhoff. I’m thinking My Little Pony and Barbie collided head first with a Texan tiny tot beauty pageant then smothered it in ruffles and sprayed it down with a rainbow of icing sugar. You get the picture, right? A super girly flirty mental fuck-you to anyone wanting to cower behind the norm.
And  I suppose that is it! My round-up. Below are a selection of nerdy GIF’s I put together saluting a few of my most favourite pieces. I no idea making this little things would be so much fun.

Acne S/S 2012

FqXM3n on Make<br/> A Gif, Animated Gifs

Christopher Kane S/S 2012

bDWEnd on Make<br/> A Gif, Animated Gifs
Erdem S/S 2012

pmiyJ8 on Make<br/> A Gif, Animated Gifs

J.W. Anderson S/S 2012

gQZeqy on Make<br/> A Gif, Animated Gifs

Louis Gray S/S 2012

mg8PYM on Make<br/> A Gif, Animated Gifs

Mary Katrantzou S/S 2012

OUfQhH on Make<br/> A Gif, Animated Gifs

Meadham Kirchhoff S/S 2012

fe_NtT on Make<br/> A Gif, Animated Gifs

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

BRKFST is the most bestest.

It’s safe to say I have always been a massive fan of  le petit dejeuner. And seeing how it is the most important meal of the day, I try and whip up something to ease the morning tummy rumbles. But the last few weeks have been a total joke in the kitchen department so stumbling across this super Breakfast tumblr pretty much made my entire afternoon.
Site hosts Diana and Catherine have scoured the internet and collected a smorgasbord of delicious recipes and images to send any foodie in to a culinary tail spin. Seeing as I promised myself that I’d be a ‘domestic goddess’ by the end of the year, I figure here and now would be an ‘egg’cellent  (HAHA) place to start.


B-Insider Presents The Fall

SQUEEE It’s finally up!

Early last month I was offered to take part and style a special set of videos for The Hudson Bay Company‘s online magazine B-insider. Seeing as I hadn’t played my hand in styling in much too long I immediately jumped at the chance. The concept seemed simple enough: bring in the cities top creatives and have them chat freely about their love of the fall/winter season, Canada and the power of social media. It was a two day video shoot with roughly fifty-five people and some gorgeous faces of friends stopping by to take part and racks of clothing for me to play with. The idea here was to have the participants dress in what they loved from the current collections housed at The Bay.  It was a hectic couple of days, but I couldn’t be more proud and grateful for working with such talented, fun and creative group of individuals.

The first of the three part series focuses on our love of the fall. It’s colour and comfort, despite the terror of minus degree weather looming not too far away. For more on the story and great images click here.



All behind the scenes photos by the darling David Pike.
Director and Producer Francisco Garcia. Director of Photography Wendell Collier. Executive Producer Christopher Sherman. Associate Producers Kate Corbett + Colleen Henman. Stylist Kiwi Mohamed. Hair and Makeup Natalie Blouin of Plutino Group. Production Assistant Jean Lee.

Francisco doing his thing.

Me trying to remain calm and pulling face shapes.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I’m An Ed Banger Baby.

It was 2007.
My sister and I had hopped on the Go Train escaping the bitter Hamilton weather for a weekend in Toronto. It was her birthday and as luck would have it we had managed to pick up tickets to a massive Ed Banger show at the Mod Club that same evening.
Justice. Busy P. DJ Mehdi. SebAstian. On the bill.
Spotted So-Me weaving through the crowd taking snaps of an incredibly electric Toronto crowd. Perhaps this was pre the ‘Screw Face City’ monicker. There we stood thick in the middle of it. Sweaty and thrilled. My sister and I. My darling Tiyana and my soon to be bestie Metzti. It was unlike any dance party I had been to before, and mild compared to the antics we got up to six months later.
It was at that very moment, when a neon cross lit and blazed across what seemed like a thousand screens and “Water of Nazereth” ripped through the speakers that I had been converted. I wanted to dance forever.
DJ Mehdi and the Ed banger crew have pretty much been the soundtrack to my first few years in the big city. Then came CiRCA and Randomland. About a billion more Justice shows and smoking with Kavinsky. Creeping through back doors and interviewing The Clipse. Running head first in to Thomas Bangalter and staring gobsmacked at one half of a super group that I was obsessed with in my teens. Meeting Simian Mobile Disco and drinking green tea with So-Me, as we watched his first Toronto art show come together.
I was a proud fluorescent adolescent! Dressed in sparkles, leather, lace and neon. Dancing in to the wee hours of the morning, ending up at after hour loft parties and wondering how the hell I wound up there in the first place. In those moments I had made some of the best friends a girl could ask for. Together we’d gather. A pile of young people and in a messy, yet joyful huddle we kicked through the slush and mud of winter right through to the sweaty grime that was summer, and always made it home in one happy heap. Piecing fragments of vibrant memories with bass beats still skipping through our veins.

We were young, and I look back now, we were fearless.
We danced like no one was watching, we danced because everyone did.
So thank you Ed banger for creating our bubble, of pure musical joy.
My besties and I, salute you.

Rest In Peace DJ Mehdi.
It was lovely to have met you,
and I am still sorry for running off with your Finlandia bottle.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Sincerely, Solitude

My hair frizzy assaulted by this muggy weather.
Feel silly complaining about an Indian summer,
but I was promised fall reds, mustards and burnt oranges
Instead I hear pigeons nesting and the arcid smell of dirty barbeques.
Flames licking up flanks of meat,
the smoke feels like it’s sticking to my skin.

In NYC, fashion week has creeped up on me.
I can’t bare to look at any of the shows,
thinking of spring feels far too forward
and I am limping so terribly behind.

I’m digging my heels in.
Inhale. Exhale.

image by Helene RydĂ©n