Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Lovely Abby Lee

The stunning Abby Lee shot by Rafael Stahelin
for Vogue Korea’s April Issue.

Harper’s Bazaar March 2010

Just picked up this month’s Harper’s Bazaar issue and was thrilled to find a great editorial spread celebrating Pedro Almodovar’s work. He’s one of the greatest in my humble opinion and HB’s fashionable recast of his most memorable scenes is a fantastic idea.
For more images click here.

Loulou de la Falaise,Betty Catroux and Bruno Frisoni re-create High Heels

JPG and MCB re-create Dark Habits


MCB re-creates Law of Desire

Monday, March 29, 2010

Errol’s Phonemera: photography in real time.

all images by Errol Rainey

To put it simply, the internet fascinates me.  What usually starts of as a regular social media crawl becomes an A.D.D fueled obsession. Where skip from page to page raiding the blogosphere for something truly unique and new. I want shiny, fierce and fresh!

The thrill, you see, is in the search and it was during one of my many internet stumbles that I spotted the exceptional work of the young Errol Rainey and his ‘phone-ography”. After a little email tag I managed to catch up with burgeoning photographer,wanting to find out more about the man behind the mobile phone.

  1. Who are you?                                                                                                                                                I’m Errol Rainey, I’m a London based freelance photography assistant and budding photographer. Full time hustler, like everyone else. I also do a photo blog on my phone.

  2. And what’s your work all about?                                                                                                                        My phone photography, “Phone-ography”, are just documentations of my day to day life, looked at from a “living fashion shoot” kind of angle.  Shoots usually have themes, but a lot of the time it’s everyday life.  I’m very fortunate to get a lot of days off being freelance, so most of it is myself and my wonderful other freelance friends doing everyday things. I just take a snap from a different angle, bending reality almost. The blog is also live, so I take a picture on my phone, edit it on the phone and then send it to my blog. So the key is knowing that you’re seeing things in the now, as opposed to back then, which don’t get me wrong I do like!

  3. Phone Photography is genius, how did that idea come about?                                                                                Well to be honest the phone itself was advertised for its camera, its super quality and all that jazz but it’s still a phone. Its shit quality, but that’s the charm.  I hate the mediocre quality of your standard digital cameras, I still like film best of all. I always carry a little 35mm snap camera, a little digital, my phone, and when you add my iPod it’s all too much.
    I always upgrade to the latest camera phone when I can. It was last summer I realized while messing about on my phone and editing the pics, that they looked kinda cool. If it’s a nice moment, some nice light, framings ok, then it doesn’t matter what camera you’ve used. Your eyes will usually see something nice, hopefully.

  4. What kind of phone do you use?                                                                                                                     Well, I hate to answer this one because I asked for sponsorship and never got a reply. Could have been a wrong email address, so I’ll tell you, it’s a Sony 5mp camera phone with 3 stripes down the sides like a pair of Adidas joggers. I haven’t a clue on the model name. But there ain’t many to choose from with those specs.

  5. How do you handle shots where you need more specific focus or lighting?                                                                   I rarely shoot at night, because the camera on the phone goes blind and the flash is weaker then birthday cake candle. I tried using a bike light as filler to help, but that kinda flopped. So I just have to shoot where it’s bright and then find the shadows. You can’t get much bokeh in the images so I usually focus on the subject, everything else is usually in similar ranges. But to put it bluntly I don’t shoot it if the lights too low or the subject is too fast.

  6. Which do you prefer film or phone photography?                                                                                                 Film for sure, but I love the phone more than I used to, because with out it I would have never taken any of the pics on the blog. Or ones that couldn’t make it and I think there are a few cool ones up there.

  7. What is your worst vice?                                                                                                                            Smoking good weed and just chillin’ all day with Cosmo (EdNote: The Dog), happens far too often. Buying bottled water also, but Hackney tap water ain’t too nice.

  8. What is in store for you this year?                                                                                                                   Shoot more, assist more and learn more. Got a few things that excite me lined up for the summer but if nothing comes from them I’ll look like a fool for mentioning them.

Lust over Line

huddle up
cuddle up
nice and tight.

Adored LINE knitwear’s A/W 2010 collection.
I have a soft spot for ripped weaves
and supple tucks.
Gray, taupes and inky blacks ruled the color palette
with spots if seafoam and tangerine.
Sheer jumpsuits were paired with cable knit thigh-high stockings,
Scarves long and fringed like dusters
oatmeal knit clusters
and the perfect floor length knit maxi dress.

Next Post

i’ve been promised blessed weather
20 degrees and white bright sun.

I’ve already dug out the blankets
the book
and the promise of wine.

I will nap in the park this Friday
and want you
to come lay with me.

Friday, March 26, 2010


Calling all hip Cats and fierce Ladies!
Come out and celebrate the release for Erykah Badu’s latest album New Amerykah Pt. 2 (Return of the Ankh), at The Beaver here in Toronto this Monday night.

It’s going to be a mad cap mash-up of
Ankhs, Hieroglyphics
Headwraps and Haters
Booze, Belligerence
Badu-Beats and KARAOKE
With Soul Siblings Kevin Ritchie and Preeti Torul spinning
your favorite Badu chunes ALL NIGHT LONG!

So come out here me slur sing.
Cop your self some free UNIVERSAL SWAG
and start your week off with beautiful people
with bitchin attitudes to match!

ps: The RIDUNKULOUS POSTER created by Diana McNally.

Thursday, March 25, 2010



For the vicious vixen seeking super sleep sexy sharp boot I give thee the Switchblade Boot.
The NastyGal x Jeffery Campbell Collaboration.
Kiwi Says Cop This right here

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

seeking sunshine

Dress: French Connection
Cardigan: H&M Trend
Tights: Wolford
Platforms: Zara

i-D Spring 2010

Freja Beja as supah hot rockabilly shot by Emma Summerton.

So totally dope! And so wonderfully fresh!
There will also be two more covers featuring Natalia Vodianova and Sasha Pivovarva.

image courtesy of Fashion Gone Rogue

Monday, March 22, 2010

Meet Oroma Elewa

a sneak peek of the cover!


It is not often I mention color or size.  Years of discrimination have made me more than a little bitter.  So I avoid these two fairly popular topics in my beloved fashionland and more importantly the world.
Growing up I was always told I would have to work harder.
“You have three strikes against you.” My mother would say. “Your sex, your race and your religion. So you have to work three times as hard.”

The Mothership was a firm believer in “keeping it real” and with four daughters there was no room to coddle.  Suffice to say that growing up in the style starved world of the Middle East (back in the 90′s mind you, it’s drastically different now) muses were few and far between. First there was super model Iman an obvious choice, Grace Jones, Alek Wek and of course Naomi Campbell.
Then slowly it stopped. I grew bored and tired.
So many pretty faces from the same places.

Until I stumbled upon her.
Meet Oroma Elewa my modern day super muse and Editor-in Cheif of the fashion and art magazine Pop’Africana.
The former model turned photographer is an all round creative being and so hugely inspirational to me. She lives and breathes through her art and you can see the passion come alive in her magazine that truly celebrates the usually forgotten wonder of Africa.  I came across Oroma and her blog a while back and was taken in not just by the people represented in her work, but by it’s fierce and edgy editorial direction. Like Dazed&Confused and Fader had a fantastic and vibrant African love child.  It is here that I find myself represented – yes, but there is so much more. Raw style, sex, art, intellect and the real beauty and talent of a continent  is celebrated.
I am very happy to say that the first official issue Pop’Africana will be out in print this April and I simply can not wait to get my hands on it!

Oroma Elewa by Mike Schreiber

i have a problem

with commas.

I know this

I may claim english to be my first language,

but please refrain from commenting on my grammar.

Stop being so mean!

I am a free writer,
with free thought
free speech.
it is all I want to do here.

Backyard Bill

I have been a wee bit bored of the “street style” blogs lately.  Most seem to apply the same stand and stare formula featuring cool fashion followers, editors, hipsters etc. There are of course a few exceptions to the rule and Tommy Ton of Jak & Jil is an obvious choice.  You can feel his passion through his work, and quite frankly he truly is the sweetest person in the world.

As an admirer of the sleek and chic, Tommy has his appeal. But you see I crave something more.
Something genuine, personal and a little voyeuristic perhaps?
It is here I introduce to you the darling Bill Gentle of Backyard Bill.
My not so new favorite style blogger whose talent in capturing his subjects in such intimate portraiture is near perfect. Perhaps it’s the nature, the Q&A’s or the brutish handsomeness of his male choices that I find so darn appealing.  But there is something here that is truly unique and I am so happy to have it present in the ever torrid sea of style photography.

Edge of the World

GQ UK’s  latest Style issue features a a gorgeously melancholy editorial shot by Chad Pitman and features my favorite boys Cole Mohr, Jethro Cave and Luke Worral.  The team have also compiled a dreamy short film to accompany the piece and can be seen here.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

leather weather

With much luck and perseverance I have managed to invest in a number of great coats this winter. My beloved top three include a leopard print cocoon cut number, a bat-winged poncho coat that happens to make me look like a really cool grim reaper and lastly a vintage rabbit fur coat so warm I wear it everywhere. But I still want more, particularly the ever-elusive perfect leather jacket.
For you see darlings, it’s leather weather. Warm enough to shed all the wool blends and celebrate the arrival of spring with some buttery soft raw hide. Leather has solidified its place as trend for all seasons and has popped up on a number of runways and variety of styles this spring season. Think of Balmain’s warrior princesses clad in sequin camouflage trousers, and the ladies of Celine gliding down the runway so painfully chic in ultra-fine leather T-shirts. Thankfully the lovelies over at Danier have revved up their designs and have come up with some stunning and bright leather pieces for their S/S 2010 collection.

Bang on trend (and the jacket I have my eye on) is this lovely cocoa moto-jacket pictured above.This particular piece combines my love of utility with a touch of punk-rock edge, which will compliment all the print and Breton stripes ready to burst forth from my closet.  My other top choice is the show-stopping yellow biker jacket for those looking to add a little more sunshine in to their wardrobes. For more looks at the Danier S/S collection be sure to check out the video below.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I’ve had a massive crush on Mario Sorrenti for most of my adult life.
Since I spotted a half nudie picture of him when I was 17.
I find him quite delicious,
and oh SO very talented.

ps: Naomi is pretty freaking dope in this video. WERK.

fluro funk

I call it the watermelon dress.
So violently bright and thick like canvas,
yet deceivingly breezy.
Hurry up sun,
I want to toast like coco,
blind every one with my beloved dress
and dance about bare legged.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Friday, March 12, 2010

Louise Gray S/S 2010

As the weather slowly climbs out of the miserable icey lows, I find my self dreaming of spring. To shed the layers of deep black, and these over zealous furs, for punchy punk patterns, baubles, bows and neon batik prints.

I dream of Louise Gray,
the Scottish up-and-coming wunderkind has revved up her shift dresses of seasons past, and has created a collection that is eclectic, clear and incredibly fun. Oh No Babe- is a collection celebrating her love of rebellion and pop-art.  Here the title words are scratched in to coat linings and bustiers, and homage to Gray’s graffiti heroes of the eighties. The little pouf skirts are twisted and tucked, creating off-kilter silhouettes, high-waisted trousers with burn-out fabric to expose bright contrast linings and as expected Gray’s signature shift dresses with peek-boo cut outs, giant tulle bows, and multi-layered patterns.
My absolute favorite, the acid blue batik print jumpsuit that has my name scribbled all over it with such manic zeal. I NEED IT! For a young woman that generally shies away from all things neon (more recently anyway), this is one piece that leads my summer time fantasy.

So until then I will go back to dreaming now, padding about the apartment in grey wool socks and heaps of warm jersey.
Humming to Sade,
waiting for the warmth of the sun to kiss my skin.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

J.W. Anderson Womenswear

Menswear designer J.W. Anderson has had quite the hold on me. I’ve written about him on numerous occasions and I still desperately covet a piece from his gorgeously sinister resin jewelery collection.
So I was quite thrilled to find that Anderson had  now come about and produced a small womenswear selection to accompany his Saints and Assassins A/W men’s collection.

I was hoping for the designer to get nice and dark, so I am a wee bit disappointed. However I ADORE the tartan moto-jacket and the sexy combination of charcoal cable-knit sweater and leather skirts.
What do you think?

Next Post

I thought it was cooler to be interesting than to be pretty. I always knew that I wasn’t, you know, beautiful. I never wanted to be beautiful.

Winona Ryder

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

MC Solaar – Caroline

The breeze is kissing my skin,
and rattles against the window.
I spend this evening at peace,
old melodies bare heavy memories.
Youth greets me this night,
and melancholy knocks on the door.

weekend steez

Spent a gorgeous Saturday afternoon vintage shopping with two of the best.
SPRING HAS SPRUNG! so very pleased.

coat: Zara
belt: Good Will
striped shirt: H&M
location: Penny Arcade on Dundas.

01\\ Magazine

in Bloom by Hasisi Park
a dreamy editorial, click here for more.