Friday, April 30, 2010

Mikhael Kale Spring/Summer 2010

I’ve adored Mr. Mikhael Kale for so long, it’s a wonder that this is the first time the Patron saint of the urban cool woman is featured here. This Toronto native and Central Saint Martins graduate embodies charm, passion and oozes massive amounts of likability.
For some, his designs may be based in classicality with sharp and short cocktail dresses for the beautiful young things. Whipped pink confections, robin-blue crisscrossed numbers all tight, tiny and cut close to the body. But ripped and revved in fringe and plunging necklines – Kale challenges his women.  Forces them to push forward and strut center stage, for these pieces are not for those with a faint heart.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

McQ by Alexander McQueen 2010

renaissance 90′s
in layered twists, textures and tucks
for the androgynous mutts

The McQ Fall 2010 collection by the late Alexander McQueen
there is a part of me so steeped with nostalgia
that likes all of this very very much.


music weighs heavily on my mind
i am searching for something
new? fresh?

more than likely
i tend to float between clouds and
right down to the grime.

Swedish duo Korallreven (one part the Radio Dept) have released a fucking fantastic new single ‘The Truest Faith’ currently on pre-order at Acéphale. I have no words to explain how much I love this track. So you are going to have to take my word for it and have a listen. The 7″ viynl featuring the stunning art work above is limited to only 500 copies and I will certainly be putting my order in.

Next Up
The XX -Islands

love the track
but compared to the groups last vid for  ‘VCR’
this video does very little to compliment the music.
But that’s just me,
what say you?

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

he spun Nero

dubstep indian summer Sept. 09
photograph by nimo

my friend metzti and i,
celebrated blistering heat
and beats
one rukus filled wednesday.

filled with fierce joy
and the blessed moment
of losing one self
to music you love.

hey metz,
let’s shred our knees
one last time?
the scars have just healed
and fresh wounds
make for great memories.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sébastien Tellier – Look

love it.

beauty in the fall

Have spent a good chunk of the afternoon reading up on mixed-media artist Cyprien Gaillard.
And so should you.

Vogue Germany May 2010

Magdalena Frackowiak by Horst Diekgerdes

I may spend the rest of the day feeding this site with Miu Miu images,
don’t hate.

Zara vs Miu Miu

May-jah !
I haven’t seen such a blatant rip off  tumbling about the high-street in ages.

Monday, April 26, 2010

white wish list


Repetto Zizi, Dr. Dre Monster Beats, Fendi bicycle, LD Tuttle wedge, Moleskine notebook, Wendy Nichol braided bucket bag, Olympus ep-1 camera

link round-ups : Deacon for Ungaro cha-CHING

A wee look at what’s been buzzing about my mind:

  1. So the new M.I.A. video for her brand new punk fueled single ‘Born Free” was released today and I AM FLOORED. Directed by Romain Gavras (of  Justice’s ‘Stress” video fame) is hideously honest and completely off the fucking chain!

  2. Like a proper nerd I’ve been reading up on Social Media Marketing for the last few months. The latest BizReport article confirms that adverts in social spaces (such as Facebook) are highly effective and can increase brand awareness by almost double!

  3. After much speculation it is official. Ungaro chucks Estrella Archs and attempts to revive their tarnished reps by wooing super cool London based designer Giles Deacon. As much as I love Deacon I was really hoping for and Erdem redemption.

  4. I am still a tad bit speculative when it comes to; but I do find my self gravitating towards the site more and more. This week architect-turned- menswear designer Siki Im introduces his fashion video ” A New Era” celebrating sartorialism, an American Psycho, beautiful decay and a sense of hope.

  5. And lastly, WTF is happening over at The GAP head quarters. The Fall 2010 shoe collection is surprisingly gorgeous. I shit you not! I would never lie! May be not faint inducing, but a fucking surprise none the less.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Dear Donyale,
my mother whispered stories about you,
yes! believe!
Back in the earliest hours
of my youth.
Where Harper’s, Essence, Vogue and TIME
sat side by side
under the Almanacs,
to the left of the Encyclopedias.

Before words of fantasy
were replaced with
modern science
and heavenly Faith.

i ADORED you.
strange i saw you,
not like the Somali Stepford darlings,
dainty, poised
languid like cats.
No, you were
tall, REGAL
towering over those
bold with no boundaries.
oh how YOU,
spilled through the pages
and in to my heart.

I am so sorry I
have forgotten about you.
and how you were the beginning
of my fashion love
and life.
my belief in the strength of a woman
creative, eccentric and fearless of color,
and forever totally,completely
and utterly groovy.

world cup wet dream


Annie Leibovitz for Louis Vuitton.

so fan-fucking-tastic.

Burberry launches ‘April Showers’

Christopher Bailey introduces “April Showers” a one-off collection giving the Burberry signature check a fun Spring twist using bright primary colors. The collection includes trenches, dresses, polo-shirts and a selection of accessories for both men and women.
The house do love their YouTube channel and  have released a short video showcasing the best and brightest pieces.

‘April Showers’ is one of about 60 collections that Bailey and his in house creative squad design and they seem to pull if of with such ease time and time again!
Is there anything the Babe Bailey can’t do?

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Face: I miss you.

You had Sassy,
I was obsessed with The Face.
It was while breathing in these pages that I was introduced to Steven Klein, David LaChapelle, Juergen Teller and Inez Van Lamsweerde.
The grit, easy cool and eccentric attitude of the mag is what first attracted me to it. Where I felt that fashion, music and street style were really championed for the youth.They pushed art direction to new and innovative heights while staying on pulse with what was happening in the reviving art and music scene in London during the 1980′s to the late 1990′s.
It was within these visionary pages that my love for Blur, Stereophonics, The Charlatans, Kate Moss and the epic fashion directions of the revolutionary Katie Grand came to be.

I feel awfully nostalgic,
dreaming of a wee me
humming to boy band beats
and glossy sheets.

Damon Albarn and the Blur boys for May 1994.

Kate Moss for May 1996 (I think you can actually buy this copy of off eBay)

Neneh returns for October 1992

Chloe Chloe February 1997 (where wasn’t she covered in the 90′s??)

The Jacquetta obsession for December 1998

Culkin Cover for November 2002

Monday meetings

Had a few appointments yesterday,
so I opted for a more casual look.
A huge deal for me!
And yes I realize I must invest in a camera soon.
This iPhone pic thing is kind of ridiculous.

Blue oxford shirt: vintage
Cashmere Sweater: vintage GAP
Denim: no freaking idea
Socks: H&M
Shoes: Vintage from last trip to NYC

R.I.P. Guru

Guru has never been one to play a big shot
It’s just the styles I got that keep my mic hot

Monday, April 19, 2010



Have been pouring over old Freja Beha pics as of late,
and this tumblr site makes the stalkage that much easier

debating wether i should ditch my afro
and rock the super cropped look.
I’m in the mood for something drastic….
we shall see.

Qui êtes-vous, Polly Maggoo?

William Klien making a mockery of fashion.
love it a little
loathe it a lot.

ACNE Paper #10

The first look of the Spring 2010 ACNE Paper cover is floating all about the interwebs at the moment. I am still not sure as to what the content holds but the cover features Mirte Maas, Rianne Ten Haken and Natasa Vojnovic captured by photographer Daniel Jackson.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Ado Les Scents: From Amsterdam with love.

I love me a well dressed Man-Boy.
Perhaps it’s the combination of waning youth
and a deepening sense of maturity.
Passion and patience
such a sexy combination.
And perhaps this is why I like my Man-Boys
dressed in Ado Les Scents.

‘Ado Les Scents in the Rain’ is Korean-born, Amstedamn-based designer Hyun Yeu’s, sophomore collection. Fresh, young, clean and yet there is an air of elegance. Casual and so very European.
The campaign images and video shot by Joost Vandeberg manages to capture Yue’s sense of vulnerability perfectly. Darling Dutch boys and lilac powders. I’m going to take a moment and collect myself thoughts.

Anyhoo FAB news! Hyun Yue will be presenting his collection this month at [FAT] as part of Toronto’s alternative art and fashion week. Along with some of the cities greatest contemporary designers, artists and musicians. It’s bound to be a fantastic time had by all.
So come out and celebrate all that is truly insightful and unique.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

eleven Boutique celebrates!

In celebration of it’s one year anniversary Yorkville’s eleven boutique will host a stupendous spring sale of all it’s regular priced goods next month. Receive 30% – 50% off of top Canadian designers including: Pink Tartan, Nada, Joeffer Coac, LUNDSTRÖM,Lucian Matis and Obakki. The sale will include accessories as well, which is fantastic news to me! For I can finally get my hands on the Vita Fede Jewelry I have been coveting for oh so long (pictured above).

So my darlings mark your moleskines, because Kiwi Says Cop This!
Date: May 14th through to the 23rd
Where: eleven Boutique.116 Cumberland St.,Toronto, Ontario


Will Davidson’s movie/editorial for Dazed Mag’s  May issue is stunning.

I am left breathless.
I have been a ridiculously huge fan of the magazine for as long as I can remember. For reasons like this.
Constantly innovative.
I mean change that is really beautiful and really pushes the boundary on art and fashion.  I have no proper words,
My Mecca is DAZED,
simple really.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tilda Swinton Double Cover

Double Dazed and Confused Magazine May 2010 cover featuring Tilda Swinton and shot by Glen Luchford.

So very VERY lovely.

Calla A/W 2010

I have fallen in love,
and wholly
with Calla Haynes namesake A/W 2010 collection.

Divine. Ethereal.
With sun streaming in through my window,
sorting through these images I want nothing
but hazy grey days, cobbled streets and ANY  piece of this collection.

It is clear that Calla is an incredible talent. The slouchy ease and the precision tailoring of her pieces are what makes every single item of clothing so damn desirable.  The collection is well defined now with the addition of pencil thin day trousers, quilted jackets, sheer paneled blouses and body conscious dresses covered in her unique digital prints. There is no question that Calla’s talents lie in print, stints with both Olivier Theyskens and Jeremy Laing easily prove this. So the amalgamation here between the delicate patterns and opulent textures are  near perfect.
Dirty breton stripes and pearly jacquard play nice among the racks. What more can a girl ask for??  My absolute favorite piece is of course the signature dress of the collection, with it’s sweetheart neckline and the floor length sheer printed skirt.  So beautifully understated and easy I can’t help but want to feel like a melancholy Parisian princess in it.

Be sure to double click on the images for more detailed look at all the pieces.

Monday, April 12, 2010

monday morning melodies #2

i am trying hard not to sit here
and feel blue.

i understand
there is nothing to gain from it
so i  watch the sun droop and fall
orange hazy pink bleary.

Kate MacDowell: white lights

We do not want merely to see beauty, though, God knows, even that is bounty enough. We want something else which can hardly be put into words–to be united with the beauty we see, to pass into it, to receive it into ourselves, to bathe in it, to become part of it. – C.S. Lewis.

Such beauty in ghost white.
I want every single piece, both the gory and the delicate.
To check out more of Kate MacDowell’s work click here.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Dominic Jones for Vice Style

I must admit I have been out of the Vice mag loop for a little while now. It’s celebration of hipster raunch has left me more than a little bored. But the launch of the magazine’s Vice Style Beta site has piqued my interest once again. The website showcases some serious styling talent, cool concepts and fantastic interviews featuring Karl Largerfeld, Brix Smart,  Crystal Renn and crap loads more.

Death Becomes Her is my favorite editorial to date and was part of the Vice magazine fashion issue. It is shot by Ellis Scott and features pieces created my jewelry wunderkind Dominic Jones. The twist here is the use of dead sea animals and simplistic gold chains.

So Brilliant! Dreamy and ethereal and not at all repulsive as one would expect. DJ Babez, I am yer biggest freaking fan! So totally BANANAS.