Wednesday, June 22, 2011

azure oonsi.

Humidity breaths heavy against the wall to wall windows.
I still marvel at all the light.
Dawn cracks the sky open
so blue, it’s embarrassing.

I’m dressed in cotton cloth steeped with tradition.
The scent of homemade incense licks about at my collar and feet.
Mother finds this most pleasurable,
and for this reason alone I wear it.

Her smile screams triumph,
Like I’ve finally succumbed to her cultural demands of me.
I just like to see her sharp ivory teeth,
peek through her strong bowed lips.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

As of late…

Richard Ayoade has done a stupendous job with this movie. Can’t say much aside from it was really good, and if you are looking for a non cheesy coming of age drama void of cheerleaders, footballers and prom queens with more heart, depth and ridiculously witty writing then this is the flick for you. Soundtrack happens to be provided by Alex Turner of Arctic Monkey genius. Six tracks so delicious I am listening to it right now.

Too much pizza.
If you could see the contents of our recyclables the gluten/carb/mccain content is enough to make you hurl. And yet we buy more and more. Ick. Sigh. Boom.

Denim shirt as skirt.
Headed to Hanlan’s point to celebrate kid sister’s birthday on the island.
No clean clothes = improvise! Much to her disapproval of course.  (grey tee, H&M/Denim shirt, Zara)
Lobbed off my face as I looked slightly mentalist/troll like.

Body covered in After-Bite.
The itch eraser?
I smell like clorox due to the mosquito aftermath. Rain Man Chic.

Thought: This quote has been floating about my head for a while now.
‘So, this is my life. And I want you to know that I am both happy and sad and I’m still trying to figure out how that could be.’                         excerpt from ‘The Perks of Being a Wallflower’


Headed Home.
It’s been five years and I know nothing of what to expect.
Mainly nervous, want to make a good impression.
For I am oldest daughter and a lot rides on my presentation.
Shame. Mostly in want of hugs, tamarind stains and clove kisses.

Monday, June 13, 2011

with sober eyes

With these eyes,
I am beautiful.

With these eyes,
I can ruin you,
sway you,
play you,
wish you were anyone but you.

With these eyes,
I love you,
and you love me too,
current affection,
stronger than past affectation.

With these eyes
respect you,
and you worship me too.
Call me beautiful;
I think I may be what you preach.

Call me smart,
I laugh,
and pray
I expect the praise.

with these eyes.
I pray for a loss.
Then erase the moment.

The very realization,
that I am stronger than the
division of my parts.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Link Round-Up: Topshop, Florence x Buddy Holly and Yohji cool.

I realize I haven’t done one of these in a very long while, so here goes!
A wee list of whats good on the internets according to moi.

  1. I wouldn’t call myself Buddy Holly fan, but I am intrigued by the super musical collective put together to create the lastest tribute album. Florence Welch’s bajoue vibe on the ‘Not Fade Away‘ track is just perfect. A great tribute indeed. Be sure to read the little interview with producer C.C. Adcock over at Nowness.

  2. TOPSHOP IS COMING TO TORONTO! Can you tell I’m excited. The Bay Yorkdale will house both Topshop and Topman. But there are tons of pop-up goodies to look forward too all summer long. So be sure to check out Topshop Canada‘s facebook page for all the yummy deets.

  3. Bon Iver‘s latest self titled album is out and it’s everything I’ve ever wanted. You can stream the entire compliation over at Pitchfork right now.

  4. I was once scoffed at by a boy I was seeing for never having watched ‘Blade Runner’.
    “It’s the best movie of all time.”
    I of course beg to differ. Having watched it, I still don’t quite get the cultish obsession, but I do now understand where fashion’s view of futuristic wardrobe comes from. Sean Young is a total babetron in the movie and now she’s offered up a few dusty polaroids for us to oogle at too.

  5. I’m so trilled to be catching The National Ballet of Canada‘s rendition of ‘Alice in Wonderland’ tonight. And if you haven’t already you must watch the first ever fim version of this classic Lewis Carrol tale over at MUBI.

  6. This is My Dream by Theo Stanley gives us a small glimpse in the the mind and private world of designer Yoji Yamamoto. Here he speaks of his love for darkness and the power of his own judgement. I’ve posted the trailer below.

Lanvin S/S 2011 campaign video

Digging this start stop motion video for Lanvin’s spring collection campaign.
Featuring the leggy models Kinga Rajza and Iselin Steiro
and shot by Steven Meisel.

Fun, no?

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Most Wanted: Accessories I covet.

I’ve been feeling more and more adventurous in terms of taste, well more specifically when it comes to my accessories. I’ve always been rather simplistic with my accoutrements. I may pair my Michael Kors watch with a vintage ring (as seen here) and leave it at that or layer a leather band or two around my wrist. I normally let the bold prints and patterns I wear speak for my playful moods and the clashing lace numbers are left to represent my darker, saucier disposition. There are an increasingly great number of accessory designers creeping in to my mindset and seeing as I have turned in to a magpie as of late, here are my top five pieces I am obsessing over this month.

  1. Shourouk Vampiresa: This statement necklace from the current s/s 11 collection is a perfect piece to accompany the chicest of dresses and will easily glam up even the simplest of basic tee shirts.

  2. Heavy Machine: I’ve been hot and heavy in lust with the genius that are these heels. This grey, green, leather and sheep skin number pairs perfectly with absolutely anything in your closet. I’m thinking frayed boy-friend jeans and patterned silk Equipment blouse for the ultimate win.

  3. Illesteva: This New York based brand is being shown a whole lot of love by those fashion editirxs, bloggers and It-kids alike. Hand made in both Italy and Greece, these sunnies maybe smack on trend but the different washes have a truly timeless quality.

  4. Danielle Scutt x Topshop: Sassy, brassy and loads of fun, these matte gold lipstick drop earrings are fabulous way to glam up any look. For a bit more punch pair it with your favourite deep red lipstick.

  5. Christopher Kane: I’ve had my eye on this neon yellow, laser-cut gem since it appeared on the s/s runway show last September. It’s positively electric! Pile on the bright hues and be a real showstopper. I double dare you .

G.V.G.V.: A/W2011

While summer may have just come to greet us here in Toronto, I’m secretly wishing for fall. Mainly because it is spring that I enjoy most and this humidity is seriously about to set me in to a rage no one want to see coming. But there is one other reason I look forward to fall and it comes in the form of Japanese label G.V.G.V.

Aptly titled “youth cult” G.V.G.V.’s latest autumn/winter 2011 collection is certainly a throwback to my brit-pop and punk youth. Having graduated from Kuwasawa Design School, the designer simply known as Mug, has been developing her brand since 1999 and has managed to develop quite the cult following in her native Japan. With this latest offering I believe Mug’s skill lies in her ability to combine inherently British elements such as tweeds, tartans, and boarding school charm with quintessentially Japanese design finishing. There seems to be a nod to Rei Kawakubo and Vivienne Westwood, but just a touch cleaner and perhaps far easier for consumers to break down and wear everyday.

Here luxe-leather button down shirts are paired with tartan minis, and frizzy ponytails topped with bowlers. Wide legged wool pants come with cross body suspenders, sweeping maxi skirts mixed with shearling, leopard and more leather. Combine all of this with impeccable styling and you’ve got me in a total lust tizzy. Having collaborated with Black Market to create the stand out leather jacket with white slogan slashing, this collection certainly is a leap from her previous s/s 2011 sixties boho leanings, leaving me to wonder what hazy memory of fashions past she will whip up next.

Friday, June 3, 2011

toothache remedies for the destitute

This past week I have been plagued with a toothache so bad it’s left me lifeless, pissed off, sleep deprived and starving. With pain so acute I’ve been bedridden with migraines of epic proportions and all I seem to take pleasure in is lashing out on the siblings. After popping nearly entire bottle of extra strength tylenol on day one, by the next morning the effects started to wear off and I was left desperate. But thanks to the glory of the internet I’ve found a few home remedies that actually work! (TAKE THAT CRAPPY INSURANCE PLAN)

  1. The salt water flush: Add a table spoon of salt in to a cup of warm water, then gargle. Although this is a temporary fix, the flush is great because it reduces the swelling and dull throbbing pain in your gums. Swish the salt water concoction in your mouth a few times until you feel the pain alleviate. This method is best while waiting for the pills to kick in.

  2. Painkillers: I’ve always been an Advil girl but when it comes to any for of swelling, be it joints or gums, Ibuprofen or Tylenol is your best bet. As mentioned above try to knock these back these in moderation as eventually they will have no effect. I usually save my pill popping for bed time.

  3. Whiskey: A solid shot of Jack Daniels flushed about the achey tooth works wonders for it deadens an exposed nerve! Perfect if you’ve been suffering through the weekend and still want a night of debauched fun.

  4. Peanutbutter: Need a cavity filled? Splodge some smooth PButter goodness on said tooth for a pretty decent sealant. Mind you this is incredibly temporary as it will obviously dissolve, so keep the jar by your bed for easy access.

  5. Keep your mouth closed: Obvious I know, but if your teeth be mad sensitive a simple breeze can set a nerve off and have you writhing in pain. There are temporary cap medications for this reason, but I’ve personally have never used them so I won’t be recommending them.

  6. Pure Vanilla Extract: I have never been happier to discover this remedy. Perfect for baking AND soothing your vicious tooth nerve demon. Place a drop of extract on a q-tip then rub around the sore tooth and PRESTO the pain vanishes and you are left with a lovely sweet aftertaste. I don’t know why it works or who came up with the damned idea, but it’s the one remedy that I have found to be the most effective!

And that’s that!
Sidebar/note/whateves…I do hope these teensy tips help but please understand that these are temporary remedies and ideally if you can afford to go to a dentist then drag your ass to one. I will eventually, when I head back to Dubai and pay nought farthing for it. Till then I’ve got my best mate Vanilla E by my side.