Monday, October 25, 2010

things on muh-mind.

10. yes!

“I used to work at a Dairy Queen” Jerry Hall

Jordan Askill
Silver Horse Cuff

RIP Ari.

A.F. Vandevorst. love this look. loved the whole collection.

Versus S/S 2011 detail. really feeling the clashing prints here. Wanting to try the look on full outfit.

c’est moi. at little new(ish?) bar, Unlovable.
so deep, underground and dark, we walked by it twice.
in a trance. i was fixated by the gigantic lightbulb hanging from a massive brass chain in the ladies loo. Oh, i kinda loved the place too.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Jamie Woon – Night Air

so fucking sexy.

melancholy hill

You begin to revel in the loneliness.
Protected from the ache
of yearning for someone so desperately.
You find such pleasure in this freedom,
you are invincible.

At first you worry,
you wonder if you’ve lost feeling.
If your skin will ever prickle and itch,
with the shivers that skip across your skin with every kiss?

You lie in bed and feel nothing.
Mind empty. The glorious silence!
The tug between your legs, now a distant memory.
You try and imagine
bitten lobes, and licked scars.
Inhale. Exhale.
His breath on your back,
then cracked.

You move from worry to relief.
No longer pulled under,
suffocated with personal blame.
‘Why am I alone?’ ‘What have I done?’
Yearning to be loved, needed, taken care of.

To be a kept woman.

This no longer eats at you as it once did.
You float through the world now.
Day, dusk,
twilight and dawn.

‘I am no longer foolish!’ You cry.
You curl up, fetal.
Triumphant, with your newfound peace.
In isolation, a castle in which you retreat.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Ben Okri – They Say

They say
Love grows
When the fear of death

They say
Courage looms
When the fear
Of never loving again
In the smell of the enemy
Who crushes us so much
We can only fight.

Love and courage grow together
When the flesh is rawest
And the spirit charged
And distorted within the nightmare
We see the possibility
Of a future.

it’s one a.m. and I feel wistful
the kitten warms my feet
so very peaceful.
must shake these silly feelings.

Sunday, October 17, 2010


i can’t get enough of Lina Scheynius.
her talent so disquieting,
I have eight rolls of film to develop,
will pale by comparison.
oh talent! I would like to be blessed with some.

a penny for my thoughts

what i hate.

stale cigarette smoke. broken skin. Aqua velva. Satin. unnatural expression. forced fancy. teeth clicking. forced tongues. sloppy seconds. stained sheets. messy mess. fussy fan fares. quick-POW. the word mingling. stench of fear. the taste of latex. thin wrists. weak will. imitation. jack rabbiting. mindless fucking. shame.

what i love.

vanilla. ripe lips. small of back. scars that bind. hearts with cracks. taste of salt on skin. bitten ears. jersey sheets. long fingers. tugging my hair. strong chest. pillow fights. skin to skin. champagne kisses. lace around wrists. duvet mountains. spilled ink. love letters. michelangelo’s love line. arched back. shivers worth keeping.  kill me with kindness.
wine, then bed
then more
then again.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Gareth Pugh S/S 2011

My life has picked up with such speed I do feel like I am missing out on a number of memories and moments. Please note that I am not here to complain! Far from it. For you see I am doing what I must do to make my real dreams manifest and come true.  So I suppose, sacrifices must be made.
But God bless the internet, for little gems likes these! I’ve missed most of  the Spring/Summer fashion hooplah, buried in books and clients, and no where near my darling little computer. Thank goodness for SHOWStudio and their coverage.
Feck this video is amazing, and allows me to keep dreaming.

Directed by Ruth Hogben and presented by SHOWstudio.